10 Tips For Taking Care of Your Newly Born Baby

Taking good care of your baby child is very mandatory and has to be done with utmost care. While many parents know how to deal with this yet it is found that people make often small mistakes more commonly which shouldn’t be done. So for them this post is. Read this to know about the little things which should be kept in mind while taking care of baby child.


Breastfeeding –

This is one of the most fundamental and yet most compelling thing which should be done with utmost care. After the born of a child the very first thing the child needs is his/her mother’s milk. There are lots of benefits of mother’s milk for a child. It helps to protect against allergies and eczema and different types of infections because that milk contains proteins which are building blocks of child’s health. Apart from these, it also helps in reducing the risk of viruses, urinary tract infections, inflammatory bowel disease and other types of infections.

Hold your baby properly – 

It is very important to hold your baby properly. Support your baby’s head and neck with one hand while handling her with another hand. This is because your child’s neck muscles are not so strong (it will become strong after 3 months) to hold head muscles independently. Even his/her backbone is also becoming strong. So try to pay attention to this small thing. 

Diapering –

Try to change his/her diaper frequently and according to the food you are giving. This is because not changing wet diapers on time will result in generating infections which can make your baby’s health worse. If your baby is getting sufficient breast milk or any other thing then you will have to change her diaper at least 6 to 8 times a day. So always keep fresh diapers ready to change it any time.

Bathing –

Bathing a baby child is a tough task though. They may feel embarrassed or irritated. So try to control them by distracting themselves with any baby gifts or toys to play with them. In the first month you should start bathing 2 – 3 times a week after disconnection of umbilical chord. You can take help with your any other family members as one person will hold baby’s neck and head and other will try to clean them.

Umbilical Cord Stump Care – 

Do not bathe your baby for the initial 2 – 3 weeks. Rather you can give them a sponge bath with lukewarm water. Try to keep the navel area clean and dry to reduce infections. Always keep the baby’s diaper folded and always wash their hands frequently with good disinfectant soap to keep them germ free. You can also use damp cloth and dry with a clean and absorbent cotton cloth.  

Massaging –

It is a great way to build relationships with your baby. It helps in soothing the baby to sleep which also helps in improving blood circulation and digestion. You can start massaging them gently by applying a small quantity of good quality of baby oil or lotion on your hands. Try to maintain eye contact with baby and talk while massaging. You can also buy some personalised  gifts for your baby to play with it. The best time to give them a massage is after bathing.

Handling your newly born baby – 

Few things you must keep in mind in order to proper handle your baby. Never shake your baby because their internal organs can get damaged due to sturdy shaking as their internal organs are weak. Do not throw your baby into air and catching them as they are risky. You must not consider them as your toy to play with.

Another thing can be always keep your baby neat and clean by washing their hands properly at regular time interval, this is because their immune systems are not fully developed and they are endangered to infections.

Sleeping –

Newborn baby used to sleep about 16 hours a day for the first 2 months. Their naps usually are 2 to 4 hours long and wake up when they are hungry or wet. Baby needs foods every 3 hrs. While feeding they may feel irritation and tries to resists the foods because these things most baby child usually do, so at that time do not panic, rather keep distracting themselves by anything as it will help you to feed them more easily. At the time of sleeping try to be with them as they may need anything anytime you never know.

Burping – 

After feeding the baby needs to burp, this is because they swallow some air while feeding causing gas and colic in their bellies. Burping helps in this excess air which helps in digestion and preventing spit-ups and stomach colic. To do that you can hold them against your chest with one hand. You can even pat or stroke her back with your other hand to let them burp.

Trimming nails –

Always try to keep your baby’s hands and legs neat and clean as this will allow reducing infections to spread which won’t affect their health and won’t have to suffer from any diseases. Nails of new born baby grows fast and if you don’t cut their nails at right time then they might try to scratch their own face or body or can chew them. you can try nail clippers because nails of baby are very soft. Try to trim their nails when they are asleep. Always trim very carefully.

New parents can also seek help from their other family members in order to deal with these issues. Sometimes new parents get anxious and nervous about their baby’s development.



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