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Today I am taking time to think, today the words have to be picked up precisely, today perfection is the norm, as today I am writing to someone I can’t disagree with, someone who knows both the spring and autumn of my thoughts, someone from whom nothing is hidden-yet every detail has to be conformed to make that special one realize its importance in my life. Its not just a letter to myself but an effort made by my “conscious-self” to address the “sub-conscious”. Not many people must have tried to talk to the mastermind behind all our emotions, thoughts and gestures, but if you are reading this-try as this is awe-inspiring.


Dear myself,  


It’s been a long relation, as old as I am today;

 We have walked through all those years

and laughed our hearts away.

You knew me before I knew you,

You knew my likes and needs;

 In times when I wanted you

 and at times when I paid no heed.


In solitude, in anger, in anxiety, in fear;

 You guided my path

 and showed me, that God was near.

 We have seen each-other grow,

 through thick and thin,

 You have witnessed my failures

 and made me win.


When I was busy, playing with paper boats;

You were busy memorizing my history notes.

 When I forgot my subject, just before the exam,

I banked on you, for your special memory program.

 Not a logic you forgot, not a word you left;

 all the definitions and explanations were at their best.

How can I not mention our “scrabble-days”,

 where you made me win in magnificent ways.

So many words, coming from God-knew where,

Did you have a dictionary, somewhere there?


 Next unfolded the golden university time,

when the whole bunch, used to be on “cloud 9”.

The trees were more green, the sky was more blue;

 how can I forget that summer of 2002.

When I was sleepless and I was zapped,

 It was you who told me, that it was the cupid attack.

 All those emotions, infatuations or love,

 they came with a pigeon and went with the dove.


Then happened my marriage, when we actually met;

 tired of running alone and full of sweat.

 Yet, it was, the most beautiful day;

when I first saw you, on my way.


The traditions, the rituals, all had passed;

 the reality of life, came at last.

The life was no rose bed, it was no rainbow;

 and not always, the expected harvest, of what you sow

Sometimes it is the blight; sometimes it is the rust;

 and it can happen, inspite of infinite labour and unending trust.

I took a divorce, but with no regrets;

 an ugly relation, put to rest.


This is something, which you missed to remember;

 this is something, you never taught

 and it rendered me helpless and moved us miles apart.

For you never taught me to lie, for you never taught me to cheat;

for you always kept me cool shade, in times of immense heat.


But today I miss you, yet again;

Come back once and things will be the same.

I now know, only truth prevails

and no matter how strong,

 but the lies’ fail.

I am happy, for you taught me ‘the right’;

I can hold my head high, in front of my child.


Speak-up dear, as here I stand

Waiting to walk with you, hand-in-hand;

Our relation is eternal,

Nurtured with every breath;

It was born with me

and will only go with my death.


Times pass, seasons change but the clock’s ticking is ever the same.

 Slow and steady it keeps going, waiting for none-standing or flowing.




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Written by Seerat


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