To The Girl That Giggled

To The Girl That Giggled:

Hey, there squirt. Whoa, whoa, calm down – I know that you must have a lot of questions for me, but you have to be patient. Yes, I know, I became a “grown up”. Or, well, you became a grown up.

This time travel thing via letters is really weird.

Still, cool your jets, because I know that you must be super excited.

You’re how old now? About ten? Oh, no – you’re nine, right? Wow, honey, that’s…great.

Well, I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you; this year is going to be rough on you, especially a few weeks before your tenth birthday. You’re going to cry, you’re going to be heartbroken, and you’re going to have deep, deep scars on the inside. You’re going to hurt, and you’re going to grieve, because you’re going to lose someone very important in your life.

No, no. I’m not going to tell you who it is – and don’t you dare get hopeless and scared. It’s all a part of life, and everyone dies eventually. I know that’s a hard concept to really understand, especially at your age, but that’s how it is, girl.

You do know that no one is ever REALLY gone, right? Yeah. See, a lot of people have some good ideas about what happens when you die – in this case, I can assure you that our loved one is still going to be here, watching over us and protecting us.

Because they love you. Never doubt that, okay? Don’t blame yourself, either – you’re just a little girl. It’s not your fault if someone dies, even if they’re someone we love very, very much.

Still, even knowing this, it’s going to be hard. Because you’re so young, and you really need that precious person in your life, to help you grow up into a capable young woman. Without them, you’re going to stumble, you’re going to be confused, and you’re going to feel so alone, like no one can understand you or what it’s like to be a teenage girl.

It’s not all bad, though! You’re going to make a lot of good friends, and you’re going to be so strong, and so very, very brave – like those warrior princesses that you’ve always admired.

Yeah, sweetheart – you’re going to be really cool! And you know what? Two persons in your future are going to call you their hero, because you know what it’s like to be alone, to be in pain, to always be that oddball in the crowd – and you’re amazing because of it.

Instead of wallowing over these things for the rest of your life, you do what you do best –

You’ll laugh. You’ll giggle. You’ll smile. You will dance, and you will play, and you will never, ever give up hope for a better tomorrow, even when you’re scared and uncertain.

You’re not some superhero. You’re not Batman, or Wonderwoman, or even Sailor Moon – you’re just yourself, and people are really going to love that about you, especially those two lost girls who need someone to look up to, who can give them hope.

That’s why you’re going to be a hero.

Kid, you’re going to be a really awesome grown up – just like mom. Haha, yes, yes, just like your mama! Actually, you’re going to grow up looking a lot like her, except for our eyes, since we have daddy’s eyes.

Yes, honey, you’re going to be a “pretty lady”. So what if you’re chubby, and you’re starting to get these alien invaders on your face (it’s called acne, silly!)? I’d say that you should remember the story about the Ugly Duckling, but that wouldn’t work, because you AREN’T ugly.

You’ve never been ugly a day in your life. Believe it.

So…you’re going to be a hero, and you’re going to be pretty. What other questions would you have? Oh, yeah – no, you’re not going to be a waitress.

You’re going to be a writer.

That’s right, a writer! You have a real talent for words, even if it’s not perfect. You’ll express yourself and your thoughts, and you will learn to bring those imaginary worlds inside of your head into the real world, just with a pencil and some paper.

Pretty awesome, right?

Now, what about Prince Charming? Well…

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t found him yet. I’ve had some false leads, and they weren’t quite right – they gave me some clues on how to find him, however! That’s good, right? Because you and I, we’ve never been entirely sure on who we’ve been looking for, just that we need to find him.

So, yeah. In the future, you’re going to be alone, for a long, long time.

What’s really funny, is that it doesn’t really matter – the boyfriends, the romance, the kisses, and things like that. I’ve never had any of those things, and I sometimes felt like I was missing out, especially in high school, but it really doesn’t matter.

No, really. It doesn’t. Seriously. Stop looking so skeptical, especially at a sheet of paper, because you know that your brother is probably wondering if you’re constipated, because of that weird look on your face.

Ha, joking aside, if you ever feel torn, or conflicted, or desperate in the future, then calm down. It’s okay. Love will come to us eventually, we just have to be patient, and stick to our guns.

Somewhere, there’s boy out there that’s looking for you (me), and we just have to meet him halfway.

We’ve always known that. So, don’t get discouraged – it’s a big world out there, you know, so there’s a lot of places to look.

I’m almost done. Just let me tell you some more advice, okay?

First of all, you’re going to go through even MORE trials, down the road, aside from losing a person that you love. No, nothing is ever easy in life. You’re going to bounce back, though, so don’t worry – you might think that you’re broken, but you’re okay.

Secondly, you should always remember what your three superpowers are – your compassion, your creativity, and your love. These three things are what can change lives, so don’t ever forget them, kid.

Thirdly…tell mom that you love her, okay? Don’t ask me why, just do it. Give her a hug, and read her a story. Draw her a picture, and ask her to teach you how to make a poem. Watch “The Labyrinth” with her, since you both like that movie. Spend some time with her, because…well, she’s a really awesome person.

Make some beautiful memories with her, and hold them tight.

Hugs and Smiles,
The Woman Who Still Giggles.


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Written by Tiana


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