Themes of our lives – The Firsts

***** The ‘Firsts’ *****


The ‘First’ time you do something, something happens with you, someone becomes special, you achieve a milestone that’ll repeat……and many many more ‘Firsts’ like that, are always special.



Even within these ‘First’s, there are ones that are ‘more special’.

Ones that change the course of your life, as you live it.
Ones that change you, as a person.
Ones that will always remain etched in your memory, no matter how diluted/saturated it gets.
Ones that you keep remembering, every now and then.
Ones that matter.

a. The First Love

  • The one who for the very first time in your life, makes your heart beat go crazy.
  • The one because of whom you are smiling all the time, without apparent reason.
  • The one who does not belong to your family, and yet is keenly interested in your life.

b. The First Relationship

  • The phase of life, when you are energized.
  • The phase of life, where you are in ‘Qayamat se qayamat tak’ mode.
  • The phase of life, when only that person matters.

c. The First Job

  • That phase of your ‘work-life’, when you are at your challenged best.
  • That phase of your ‘work-life’, when you are keen on taking as much work as you can, keen on proving your mettle.
  • That phase of your ‘work-life’, which teaches you to say ‘no’.

d. The First Time You Do it

  • That one act you have been waiting for, like forever.
  • That one act which makes you feel, ‘Oh! this is over-rated!’; only to realise later that you didn’t know enough.
  • The one act, where you’ll remember and respect ‘the partner’ forever.

e. The First Promotion

  • Nothing like achieving respect from seniors at work.
  • Nothing like taking that salary hike.
  • Nothing like realising that all the dog work paid off.

f. The First Break Up

  • The unbearable pain.
  • The disillusioned mind, purposeless feeling.
  • The realization that the second chance you’ll get, you’ll do it better!


The Thri.L Mantra: Laugh, Love, Live



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