Appearances can deceive

Airplane crashLife is quite queer, strange and unpredictable in many ways; an oft quoted, discussed and debated statement. Many before me have done a lot of pensive thinking on this statement. Yet, the common man usually fails to understand the gravity of this statement in their everyday lives. Shortage of time is the usual excuse we give to ourselves and to those around us. However, that excuse results in irreversible damages and blunders.


We have been so conditioned that we usually just rely on our first impulses, sometimes relying on only the sensory perceptions through our five senses. Taking something at face value is a big risk one takes and the consequences can be devastating. All of us are guilty on our parts when we just go by what we heard or saw or felt or said to someone. Neither do I say that it is always false nor do I say it is always correct. Anything and everything needs to be probed further to ascertain whether our judgement of the situation matches our feelings through our sensory perception. In short, never take anything at face value, What you see is not what you always get. Take your time to arrive at the conclusion. Appearances can be deceiving. Be careful.


Can you guess what is the truth behind the image???




The truth

Give it some time 

give it a chance

give it an opportunity 

to end this trance

Let truth uncover the veil 

and end all your travail

O' consciousness

let the truth prevail.


What do you think?

Written by Jay Singh


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