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Whenever i come across a couple or a person having a crush on someone else, I all of a sudden think of only one thing…is it somewhere made for me too? Am I also someone's crush? Does someone else longs to have me? Is someone else too waiting for me? I know, at a an age of 21, this thought is not worth thinking over, but, somewhere i feel as if i have missed out that whole episode of bubbliness and cute romance that girls usually experience around this time. I, once had someone, with whom, i thought this is it! I overloaded that person with love and exxpected the same in return…but what in return did i get? loneliness?? Why? Is love not enough now? How much i used to be insecured about losing him, i used to keep asking him if you would leave me, and all he said was… “never ever am i gonna do this”. surely he didnt do that, but my existence also didnt matter him much…everything is still fresh in my mind…i know i can never forget you…but life goes on…I have to move on…but what do u do of this sensitive heart that is now so scared to fall for anyone else… I am more insecured now…i scared of relationships, am scared of people loving me, am scared of every happiness that comes my way..all these things do not live long in my life…All am now waiting for is….Just that hand, that will hold mine, break the walls around my heart and never let me go…the one who showers me with the same love i showered to someone else once. But i swear, i will never let even a moment of that blissful phase miss in my life…I have chased love. Nom am tired. So, if you are there around who is meant to be with me…please come  now…. I have waited long enough and now my patience, my strength and especially my fake smile…they are all running short! Please come soon………..



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