Beach is one place that I always visit when I come to Chennai especially the Marina! For a teenager such as myself with very limited cash in my wallet, Beach is one place where I could catch up with my friends thereby keeping my expenses to below minimum. Also there are so many incidents as  memories that I've held onto which have happened in the beach.

Marina which is just a 10 minute walk from my house has always been my favourite hangout spot. I have always made it a habit to visit the beach at least once when I am in Chennai for the holidays. Beach is never the same every day. There is a great difference in the atmosphere and surroundings depending on time of the day.  

The oldies hit the beach in the mornings. They come here for their morning exercise which is never obsolete. People go for a walk or they jog or they form circles and laugh in the belief that their Blood Pressure is going to stoop down. Such archaic beliefs are predominant amongst the current generation. Also at this time of the day, you could also see the determined fishermen getting their boats out and setting sail hoping for a big catch.

There aren't many food stalls at this time of the day except for soup being sold along the pavements  which is just mouth wateringly delicious. Probably the soup and the subtle cool breeze could possibly be one of the reasons for my overwhelming presence in the mornings.

Evenings are the right time to catch hold of a good conversation with your friends. Sitting in the sand, one could talk have a good gossip with the right set of people. The sun set too is a splendid sight that makes the evening more eventful. The beach at this time is really crowded with food shops and people. The shopkeepers drag you literally to their shop hoping for a decent business.

 A plate of Molaga Bajji(Chilly Bajji) and a glass of Sugarcane Juice or an Ice cream is enough to satiate you. Also not to forget the cup or stick corn with chilly and lemon spread over it.

The hot sand, the sultry breeze in the evenings, the cool breeze in the mornings, the shops, the talks, the balloon shooting game, football, playing in the water etc.


No wonder, I've had so many good memories to relate to when I think of the beach. Also Marina just never seems to get bored of me!   



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