Friends you have will give you a reflection of who you are

When I was young and dint understand enough I always thought that people around me were all fixed like my classes were in school. My parents would tell me this is your granny, this is your uncle, your dada,nana,chacha…and the list was never ending and all their behaviours towards me would be Good,better best based on how their relationship was with my parents. My opinions towards them also used to get influenced by my parents views and that's how it is I guess with everyone.


But once I started to gain some head and thought I started adding people to my relationship outside my born circle called “Friends”. Then I started understanding and enjoying this circle more than the one that I was born with. As I still grew up and to what I am today this new terminology which I had learnt and added to my life years back called “Friendship” has helped me understand who I am. 


Its no theory but just a simple thought that today if you have friends who will be there to get you out of a rut at the drop of a hat then it only shows to go how much of a difference you have made to them and how much you as a person have touched their lives. On the contrary if you have friends who dont even have the time to text you on your birthday you only are left to realize whats been going wrong with you. Adding on if that the case you can also draw another conclusion that most probably you might not be even that popular or loved with your circle.


There can be innumerable such examples that I am sure all of us will be able to write and relate to whcih will bring us to the conclusion that “Friends you have will give you a reflection of who you are”!


What do you think?

Written by Neha


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