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Adjusting my tie, I confirmed my official look in the mirror. Then I turned back to look at her “You are still angry at me, Isn’t it?” I smiled. “How long are going to stay like this?” She neither smiled back nor said anything.  “Okay, we will talk once I come back from office. Till the time just be a good girl” I said again as I closed the door before leaving for office.   


It was a rough day at the office. We had a heated discussion regarding one of the ad campaigns. It was a campaign where it showed a boy falling in love with a dirty black looking girl, and then just to impress him, she started using our product and becomes fairer. It was a simple ad campaign for our fairness cream. I was impressed and I liked it as it seemed to me as a real story. Few disagreed and said that it has to be little more ‘dreamy’ kind of. As in this world of disturbances, chaos, crises, turmoil, people want something more inspirational and something which people dream of. I didn’t believe in it, I thought things should be more realistic and love cannot be portrayed in a dream fashion. But I could not buy much support and thus, changes were made according to the agreed majority.  


Afterwards, during the lunch hour, I continued the discussion with my colleagues. I again aired my view that we need to be more real. People are disturbed by ongoing tensions around them, but that’s reality and people do fall in love amidst all of these. I mean how you can even be in dream when it’s love. You have to feel it and it should feel real. Some gave their opinions, what if it’s a one sided love and the girl didn’t want it. And so on, so overall we had a big discussion on our theories of loves; I put forward my realistic views and others giving more inspirational views. 


While returning from office, I took my usual break and stopped for a cup tea. Few people were talking about politics. I also took part in the discussion and strongly aired my view on some candidates and their party. And soon the discussion shifted to movies and third page comments. Again I took an active part and commented on some of the movies that I recently saw. I felt good when I realized that I am in touch with whatever is going around me, the reality around me.


Somehow, I spent some time with them, but soon started missing her. I decided to rush back fast.


As soon I reached my home, I opened the door and shouted ‘Hey I am back’ threw my bag at the sofa and started telling her the whole day story. It was my daily routine; tell her everything that happened that day, good, bad, whatever. After a long speech, I looked at her and smiled.


She neither smiled nor said anything.


I could not stop myself, I got up from the sofa and went towards her.


I brushed my hands over her to remove any dust whatsoever. Her picture now looked bright and shining.


What do you think?

Written by Pradip


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