West Ireland Attractions: Why Visit County Galway

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As soon as you step foot in this vibrant city, you will understand why many Dubliners flock here for a good night out. Not only are the city’s streets awash with traditional Irish pubs, fantastic bars and delectable restaurants, but it’s also the gateway to County Galway, where there are vast amounts of attractions waiting to be explored.

The natural beauty of this area of Ireland is out of this world and by dropping your gear off at the great value Galway Travelodge, you are letting yourself in for a real treat. Grab your comfortable walking boots and head off in search of what breathtaking views County Galway has to offer.

Located just off the coast of the county, the Aran Islands hold the secret of Irish lifestyle of yore.
Where the Irish language is the main language spoken and unspoilt landscapes surround you, these three islands would make an ideal addition to any itinerary that is based around heritage and culture.
Inishmore is the largest of the islands, where you can see for miles across the karst landscape atop Dun Aengus. From the welcome townsfolk to the secluded beaches and eroding cliffs, the Aran Islands are a real jewel of Ireland.

Similarly, if you’re a lover of the great outdoors, an adventure into the Connemara National Park is an absolute must. Located within the county, Connemara covers all manner of outdoor treats, including forests, mountains and grasslands, all begging to be explored.

Within the city, there’s a host of attractions that would add enjoyment to your visit, including parks, tours, cathedrals and the 16th century Spanish Arch that is located on the banks of the river It’s home to the Galway City Museum which has plenty of exhibitions that help you to gain insight into the history and heritage of the city and beyond.

While its winding streets may not be as bustling as they were a couple of months ago in the height of summer, the true beauty of the natural world will overwhelm you with warm colours and seasonal changes. Autumn is a wonderful time to venture to Galway and beyond.



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