The Curse -II

The day , i knew everything
started with a smile for me…when i was getting ready..eager to know the solutions
to all my problems …the way out of the hell….i had experienced..

I, in front of him…just started with my description of my sufferings…
he just told chill…..they are just my illusions…
he used to take note of everything but never used to tell anything related to the truth.
i was just not satisfied with the answers..
i fail to understand ..the link to the answers and the direction to which all the situations pointed in…

I told him..all my observations…what i was looking for in the answers of my questions
trying to frame the picture of the reality that relates to the truth..

I was warned ..and not being told at first…
but i had to know it..that day or be it any day of the future..

The truth of my life…why everything pointed at me be blamed ..
why i too felt , i make certain things ..without any reasons….

You are cursed…he said

Failing to understand , what it meant , and what it did ?
i questioned again…

Then he made me understand my life…
how situations led to the curse affecting you…

As i had grown accustomed to something unusual about me…i had on my own started keeping
everyone at a distance…the limit changed to be increased ..every-time everything unusual
took place…

It was tough be near me..
as i tried being rude with people going way beyond the limits…and separated myself whenever i got the chance…

It was tough for someone like me…who loved to be in others live like that
and the need to be around others…grew more with the growing suspicion…

Failing to effect my existence…the curse started making the people important to me
, the victim to the situations….

I couldn't stop it from affecting the important people in my life…as i didn't knew
it at all…

But when i got to know..about it..
i suspected her to be the next victim…
as she was someone important in my life….


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