A to Z Challenge Day #26 – Z for Zucchini Frittata

OMG I don’t believe it I am posting my 26th post for the A to Z challenge and I am definitely a survivor! Atleast I am happy that I did post 26 x 2 = 52 posts in this one month from both of my blogs, now am I happy. Happy?? I am the happiest that I didn’t miss a single day. Woot woot.

Cool so what do we have for Z… one really easy stuff… its Zucchini Frittata… or just simply eggs with zucchini. I will rush off to the recipe because I have to post a fiction and then I have to set up my new iphone. I still can’t sync my contacts from android to iphone 5s. Please advise if you know.

Anyways let’s get into our recipe. I am using both yellow and green zucchini to get the wonderful colors

All that you need

Yellow Zucchini – ½, slicedGreen Zucchini – ½, slicedEggs – 4Milk – ¼ cupMushroom – 5-6slicedOnion – ½ slicedGarlic – 3 cloves crushedSeasoning – salt & pepper to tasteParmesan – handful of grated parmesanOlive oil – 1 tablespoon

Let’s get started

In a skillet heat oil and add the sliced zucchini.

After 2-3 minutes add crushed garlic and onion slices. [we are doing this latter because we want the zucchini to get a nice golden color]

Add mushrooms and fry.

Add seasoning

In a mixing bowl beat eggs with milk and cheese and add little seasoning

Pour the custard over the fried zucchinis.

Let it cook over low heat

Put a cover on so that the top cooks equally.

You can also put it in an oven to cook the top evenly

It will be done in 5 minutes.

Super duper easy soft and fluffy frittata is done!

Leave a comment below if you liked the recipe and you want me to share some more


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Written by Tina Basy


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