changes could be fun :)

there was a time when just the thought that i have to use linux…makes my head go round and round. i used to think who the hell uses something like command-lin e. i am using computer since…mmm…around 12 years…and all these times window is holding hands with its so called friend…cmd(command line) but who the hell is so stupid to use that instead of GUI. you want to create a folder…click na…why to remember commands.
but you know what…6 months and i am in love with linux.
this feeling of being THE ROOT…
you can do anything(mostly)…with a few words…
heheh…its surely is awesome.
and yes i know you can screw me big time…as my mentor says…”there's no backspace option here.”
so, dearest linux…

you will have all my focus,dedication,patience, love and trust.


What do you think?

Written by Jagriti


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