Steak in Garlic-Lemon-Butter Sauce

I had been thinking of posting this quite a while now, but got snowed under a lot of paperwork. And then when I got around typing it all out, I realized I have no photos. So finally here's the recipe.

PS: I used pork steak but feel free to replace with chicken if pork is not your option.

PPS: I used Nando's Extra Hot Peri Peri Sauce.


For two to four

For the steak

Pork* shoulder steak – 4Salt – to taste

*you can also use chicken if you don’t want pork; adjustments are listed at the end.

For the sauce

Lemon juice (fresh) – 1-2 teaspoonUnsalted butter – 1 tablespoonPeri peri sauce (strength: as preferred) – 2 teaspoonGarlic – 4-5 shakes of powder or 1 clove (made into a paste)Onion – 3-4 shakes of powder or ½ teaspoon (paste)Salt – to tasteSugar – no more than a pinch (optional)Black pepper – to taste


For the steak

Melt the butter in a porcelain bowl by setting up a melting station.Add the lemon juice, salt, pepper, sugar, garlic, onion, peri peri sauce and stir well.Simmer and keep heated until the steaks are ready.

For the sauce

Heat a frying pan or a skillet on full heat (see tip). Put the steaks quickly on the heated pan. Fry both sides to your desired level (I like them medium, so I take them off when the steaks turn grey and juice runs clear). Drizzle the sauce over the steak on or off the hob as per your preference. Coat each piece well and serve.


You can also grill it. If you prefer the sauce to be cooked, coat the steaks lightly before grilling. Otherwise grill the steaks directly.If you’re using chicken, I highly recommend grilling with the sauce glaze on. Otherwise, you can fry the chicken steak but at a much lower heat to ensure thorough cooking but preventing the steaks from drying up.


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Written by Rajlakshmi


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