A New Start

It is been soooooo long I wrote anything. Anything at all. And I wanted to say “Hi ya folks!” But I realised there might not be any “folks” left who read my blog!

So… Here I am am after like four years of any decent writing.

And I am here because I want to make a new start.

Last four years saw me go through college and out of it… So finally when I did graduate, I realised what a big chunk of me I was missing. College life was so filled with all the things that college lives are supposed to be that I could hardly, if never, find time to write.

But it was not like I did not write. I became the Editor – in – Chief of my College Magazine and did some real writing. Including Editorials!! Yipee!

Somewhere in between, I started to write for ManipalBlog, which is the oldest and the largest mulit-author blog based out of Manipal. But even there, I was highly irregular.

But as the four years went on… life changed. The interest faded out of a professional life of obscure technicalities and I was back where I always wanted… I life of writing.

But now I am not a kid writing stories and occasional poetries. I have become what people called a social and political commentator with a taste for weird humour and satire with a keen eye on human psych…

Well.. enough of boasting.

The point is that I decided to get back to writing.. even take up writing as a career and so I launched a new blog, this time named TIMPLYBOO.

Timplyboo because… in college, I used to send out SMSes to some friends of mine. The texts consisted of absurd ramblings with some philosophical insights. It was an idea inspired out of Tagore’s Stray Birds.

Timplyboo because you can laugh it off… because it’s catchy… and you can always sing it out!

So, here starts a world of Timplyboos, a rather idiotic and silly name to my newer comments on everything in this world… and may be sometime.. there will be something of fiction!

I know its been four years… and you all were very faithful to me and my blog.

I hope you do follow my new blog as well!


What do you think?

Written by Aersh


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