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A country is a diversity of culture, religion, people and all of them together. It is an amalgamation of thoughts, characters, festivals and hearts. But really is the alloy pure, if it has impurities in it? No it is not. This brings upon the concept of purity. We must be pure, in our hearts, in our soul and in our surroundings.
This varied diversity of ours is being polluted with various contamination from the society. Starting from the dumping of daily household garbage to the steady continuous discharge of polluted waters into lakes, rivers and oceans. Not only it creates a filthy atmosphere, nurturing diseases, worms and bacteria but also creates a filthy feeling in the minds of the onlookers. 
“Athithi Devo Vavah.” Symbolizing that the Guest is our God, we clean up our house when we are expecting people over, right? Then why not the country where thousands of guests flood in every single day. Is this not our home, our shelter? How can we live in a place so contaminated, let alone our children live here. Striving on the unfinished efforts but a firm dream of the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, our noble prime minister, Narendra Modi has started up this campaign “Clean India”. It is not a very big task, if we just keep our house clean, the road in front of our house clean. If everyone in the city does so, the city would be clean in a day. Proper dumping of day to day wastes, keeping the roads clean and keeping the atmosphere clean would not only make the country beautiful but also turn our own self as cleaner and purer.
Many notable personalities have joined this campaign and are striving towards that one goal, a cleaner India. Because this not only would remove the dirt, the garbage but also remove several diseases which are created by stagnant water and germs breeding on the dump sites.
Apart from contributing our own part, we can also raise our voice in support of the campaign against the government officials who are in charge in the municipal corporation and the cleanliness of the city. The prime minister has a dedicated website, through which complains regarding duties of officials can be forwarded. Photographs of places which are unclean can be uploaded over Social media with the hash tag #CleanIndia which is being monitored.
Strepsils has started their part in the Clean India Campaign with Montu. Visit know how Montu without telling his feelings lands up ins everal situations. Finally he decides to speak up, and the results are amazing. Now its our turn to speak up our opinions because they matter. We cannot remain silent anymore. Follow strepsils at

And Tweet with the hash tag #AbMontuBolega and let your opinions be heard.



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