Respect Your Senior Bloggers…

Only a writer knows what it takes to write a word.
Likhne Wala Hi Janta Hai
Lafz Likhne main KYa kayamat Aati Hai
Before you read further I think I should tell you the reason that why I’m writing this post. I often read posts written under the title “writer’s block” or similar like this. Even the senior blogger from rashmi bansal to neha or Mr. Agarwal everyone seems to get trapped in this so called block. 
And if one go into the depth to get the actual reason behind their jammed minds he surely get to know one thing that the blogging world or our so called unprofessional writing community is changing it’s mood and loosing its shiny and bright colors with each passing day. So the senior bloggers find themselves cooped in the cages of limited yet the solicitous writing.
Hundreds of new blogger and I feel no guilt if I clearly write it here the teen age blogger is making our blog sphere lifeless. 
Reading this you must recite that every one has its own unique way of writing although you must be agree with me that yes in our thoughtlessness we are wasting the power of pen.
But leave it here I will describe this point some other day.  
Over here at Udaipur daily I’m just making myself comfortable with other styles of pen otherwise I’m a food writer and an hotelier. I got no right to point fingers at anyone though I’m writing this Cuz I feel sorrow when I see new comers hurting seniors with their filthy comments and ignorance. 
In this post I won’t thousands of words as I can take you towards the conclusion in just two lines. I heard this Sher a long back written by Shabina Adeeb Ji.
Jo khandani raies hai wo, mizaz rakhte hai narm apna
Tumhara lehza bata raha hai, daulat tumhari nayi nayi hai…
And the second sher by the same shayra is enough to give a message to those who fly with new wings.
Jara sa kudrat ne kya nawaza, ki aake bethe ho pehli saf main
Abhi se udne lage hawa main, Abhi to shohrat nayi nayi hai.
Only point I’m raising here is that we have to respect people who are elder than us in any sense. They are seniors the ocean of experience we can never touch them. Second and the most important point is “blogging could have been global and doesn’t limit under the boundaries of nation though every country has its own nature and if you are representing that country worldwide by any medium then you have to keep the original nature and culture of that motherland in your mind.  
Do raise issues other than your routine writing style which can become the voice of your motherland.
Finally I got one my own sher to end up this post.
Tarkash Main Teer tere Pas bhi Hai,,,Mere Pas Bhi Hai
Behtari isi mai hai,,,Tu bhi sambhal ke chalaye Main bhi sambhal ke chalau…



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Written by Himanshu


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