PAPA !!! Ak Scam To karo na Please !!!

I heard this from one of my friend since kejriwal is exposing too much Mahesh Bhatt is planning to take him in his movies.
I wonder how Mr. Arvind would look like in a song similar to “kaho na kaho” of murder.
Ok let’s come to the point straight away after the last press conference of IAC a lot of rumors is going on in the country. Some believes kejriwal and IAC is the B team of BJP on the other hand some believes he is doing the correct with these corrupt politicians.
I have been a big supporter of IAC and Cuz I write on political issues exclusively for some print media I could blog a humor post on current Indian scenario of exposing others.
A pissed off and fed up son of a less renowned politician was sitting in CCD with his girlfriend. After ten or 20 minutes a waiter went to their table and asked for the order.
 “I want a frappe with some with three coops of chocolate strawberry and vanilla ice-cream” Girl ordered this without glancing over the menu card.
Boy “I too would like to have a frappe”
“Sir with or without ice-cream” waiter was guided by the manager to improve sales figure”.
Holding his breath Boy replied “without ice-cream”.
Ma’am would you like to have some brownie” waiter again used all his selling guts and his all hotel management techniques.
Gaping at the boy’s eyes girl twinkled “brownie I just love brownie”.
“Anything for you Ma’am” music was clearly hearable in the air…
So finally the order came they had it and boy stood up to settle down the bill. Printed receipt came out from the machine.
Read “570 RS only”
Now the picture starts… Are you whispering “To ab tak kya tha”
It was just the trailer picture abhi baki hai mere dost” 
Let me take you in flash back…
Boy had only 400 RS with him. Outside the café girl said “she wants to drink something and also said she would drink frappe.
Boy thought one frappe in 75 so two frappe would come into 150 rs. and in that case he has enough money.
Scene clear…
Putting a heavy stone on his heart finally he asked girl that you have 170rs with you. I’m running out of money today.
Like every smart girl of our lovely planet earth girl replied “No I don’t… I thought you would have enough so I didn’t carry my purse…
Now what…
As I told in the beginning he was the son of a politician… He tried to use his jack and all that…
Look,,, I am the son of Mr. blah blah blah… my father is an MLA. Right now I’m running out of money but I assure you Ill settle it down next time.
Manager never heard his father’s name anywhere in his life so he refused.
For a normal customer CCD manager could have done this but as far as politician’s son concerned CCD’s manager refused this.
Neta ka beta wapas aake paise dega “ho hi nahi sakta” The manager of that café whispered in his colleague’s ears. 
They took off their cell phones and appointed them as dish-washers for a day. The girl and the boy worked there for whole day and at five they make them free.
Then… kya break-up ho gaya bichare ka…
That night he boozed a lot and finally returned to his home. His MLA father was sitting in the lawn with some party workers “chelo ke sath”
Papa!!! Do you know the similarity between Digvijay singh, sharad panwar, Robert vadra, manmohan, ajeet panwar, Khurshid, Chidambaram and entire well renowned politician class?    
Yes!!! They are our senior leaders. “Father grinned thinking that the first time his own son is taking interest in his politics. All chela’s sitting with him was also on cloud nine that Yeah… Now we will get a new young leader in the face of our leader’s son.
Nope!!! The similarity among those is that they all are exposed by Mr. Kejriwal and IAC.
Nobody knows you. You just do netagiri in front of your chele-chapate…
I want my father to be exposed by the IAC so I’ve sent all your secrete documents and list of our all properties to IAC. They assured me that they will expose you in next week.
“Papa hum famous ho jayenge” hurreyyyyy… fir mere break-up bhi nahi hoga…
Now would you please call your party leaders to make a statement what you need to give on media after your exposure?
The moral of the story is that in the current political scenario of our country if one needs to become famous he has to expose by the media or some so called civil society. Without this people like you and me (mango people according to Mr. Vadra) pay no attention to the politicians who are actually working in the favor of this country. There is a long list of some honest politicians who have experience and guts to improve our present condition although India media and we the mango people don’t pay attention towards them.
The development of any country is never relay on punishing some corrupt people but in real sense a country builds and stands on the shoulders of some honest people. Better IAC and we now starts taking those honest politicians on height and tolerating these people.   

A Day will certainly when we will talk talk and write about honest people…

I remeber the most pious line written by Dr. Ulmilesh shankhdhar…

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Written by Himanshu


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