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While searching for LLB colleges in India for my cousin who want to pursue his career in law I stumbled upon this quite a unique site
The depth of the information it provides is commendable and worth mentioning. I remember when I completed my schooling only names of few colleges were known which we can count on fingertips. That was primarily because there was no single source of the information and whatever information was known to us was from some close family acquaintances whose children have gone to these colleges. With India being such a big nation getting information about all the colleges is humanely impossible. In this whole exercise of finding a suitable college we miss out some good colleges which are otherwise quite popular in that region. I wonder why such a portal was not available at the time we needed the most but nonetheless we have it now.
Some of the key highlights are: 

The menu is easy going. The colleges are clearly classified into management, engineering, medical, arts, science, commerce and law. The aspirants or the parents can navigate through them with a single click of the mouse.

The portal provides multiple search criteria to narrow down the search based on location, specialization, fees, affiliated university, exams accepted and the type of college.  One can search the college based on the specialization it offers and the entrance exams it accepts as the selection criteria.

Once a filter is applied the portal shows the college details on the right hand side with other information such as top courses offered with fees mentioned against each course. The icons in the lower left hand show the facility such as computer lab, sports, gym, library, cafeteria and auditorium.
And once a college is shortlisted you can get all the details on the email!!
I was so amazed with the information available on this site I recommeneded this to some of my friends also who were looking out for the Best Law colleges in India.


What do you think?

Written by Himani


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