The ‘Hoax Call’ Diaries – [ Episode 8]

College had however, suddenly changed. After Rourkella, we became quite popular in our college. People began to notice us. The result was however, a steady increase in the number of chat windows at night. Dg and Sam had started chatting almost day and night. Sam did not have a laptop then, so both Dg and Sam were chatting in the same laptop in two different browsers.

Daddy had begun chatting over phone with Kriti.

In a way, I was left all alone after the jamming sessions.

I did not have much interest in relationships, so I utilised the lonely time in listening to different genres of music.

As, the days passed, Daddy had become a complete romantic guy making Sam sing romantic songs as he spoke to Kriti over phone. Dg started going out with ‘Lustoo’.

Sam, however, wasn’t far behind. After prolong hours of chatting with well scripted dialogues and a very secret formula, Sam managed to go out with a girl form the college.

It wouldn’t be nice if I say he was “dating” her as the girl had a boy friend in her hometown. However, still, they appeared to me more as a couple than friends.

Slowly, as they started getting a different life, the band was suddenly no more a priority. The practise sessions decreased, as nobody had much time out of chats and dates. The decision of making new songs was suddenly erased from our memories.

The result  however, was not pleasing.

As days passed, life seemed to be better than before. Lustoo and Dg were almost part of our gang now. Sam by now had wooed Rumi completely. She dumped her boyfriend for him.

And she had somehow controlled him completely. So, Sam started to stay away from us when she was around.

We met sometimes only during jamming sessions, the frequency of which was minimal.

The semester passed, we completed another year in the college.

The first band contest in the new semester was a complete failure.

We could not qualify the first round itself.

It was that night, when we thought of a meeting.

That night was very depressing. It seemed that we had disgraced ourselves. I was thinking of getting drunk, when a friend of mine called him in his room. When I went there, I saw two more of my batch mates sitting there. My friend said he had called me to try something new. I was in no mood of fun then. I was about to tell him, when he placed the joint in front of me.

I had always heard that weed could change your mood in seconds, but could never try. Seeing a joint in my friend’s hand, I decided to give it a try. As the smoke raced inside me, I could suddenly feel lighter than before. All tensions were thwarted. A feeling of happiness was in every inch of me. I thought of sharing the same happiness with the rest of my band. And so I borrowed two more joints and went to meet my band in Dg’s room.

When I entered, Dg and Sam was in deep discussion. Daddy was abusing them for letting the band down.

“It is just because of you guys, we do not get much time for practise”, shouted an angry Daddy.

“Really? Is it just because of us?” replied Dg, “Do you get time out of your phone calls? Please stop blaming Daddy, even you are equally responsible”.


“Forget it Dg, Daddy is just jealous”, said Sam.

Daddy became furious on Sam’s comment. The atmosphere in Dg’s room was starting to heat up. And I had to intervene to stop them.

“Shut up guys!” I said, “The truth is that all of you guys are equally responsible. So, rather than blaming each other of today’s failure, lets plan for the future”.

I generally never spoke anything serious, but weed had brought out the philosopher in me. Seeing me serious for the first time, they decided to agree and settle down. However, it was clear from their face, that they were hell angry on each other.

To lighten them up, I brought out my secret weapon; the weapon of “Happiness”.

“Stop frowning guys, look what I have brought for you guys”, I said revealing the two joints I borrowed.

However, to my surprise, none of them were much excited about it. I had to coax them for nearly an hour to convince them to light up one of them.



It is said, that the primary psychoactive effects of Marijuana is to include a state of relaxation, and to a lesser degree, euphoria from its main psychoactive compound, “tetrahydrocannabinol”. The secondary effect known is to stimulate hunger.

The first joint was enough to lighten up the mood of the gang. Once the first joint was consumed, the next one followed in a line, leaving four of us laughing hysterically at each other and desperately hungry.

We decided to go out for some sweets.

In the shop, an important decision was taken.

“Sam, we will start to compose your already written songs. It high time we make some music now.” Said Daddy.

Everyone agreed in unison to Daddy’s decision. We knew, we needed some more of our original numbers.

The following days the band came alive again.

We decided to do some more covers. We started with “Joker and the thief” by Wolfmother.

Sam brought the songs he had written. But there was a problem. None of us could make a good song out of the lyrics. There was this song called “No smoking”, which Sam changed to “Keep smoking”. However, when all of us were ok with the way the song turned out, Sam was not happy.

“This is not what I wanted the song to be”, He said.

“But it sounds well, we can try it,” Said Daddy.

“No there’s something missing”, Sam said.

And this sudden restlessness of Sam was a major setback for the band. Sam was not happy with anything he wrote suddenly. To the rest of the band, the lyrics were fair enough, but Sam was adamant. We had no clue what he was searching for. But whatever it was, the practise sessions in a way was frequent.

It was the month of April. The sun was at its best radiating as much heat it could to the city. The temperature was as high as 45 degrees. The entire college was busy preparing for their semester exams.

We decided to jam whenever we got bored of the studies.

It was a Friday. As decided, the band met in the music room at about 10 o clock in the night. We knew Sam was going through a phase of creative dissatisfaction. But that night he was missing.

Dg tried calling him but his cell phone was switched off.

We tried to search him in college, but he was missing.

Suddenly, there was a sense of emergency in each one of us.


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