Woh lamhe…woh baatein

Just day before yesterday on my friend’s group on WhatsApp, we had discussion regarding how difficult it is to even meet and how we are feeling disconnected. We remembered the good old times at our addas… Obviously that followed with realization of the fact that how our life has changed. Basically it was a confession of group of people who are in their 30s, missing their 20s.

These discussions forces to think that, we are missing that time in life… we are missing those moments..! No responsibilities, no tensions, no worries. The only critical question in life was “should we or should we not attend the college today?” So what if we meet up at our old adda, are we going to share the same talks as we did 10 year back, the questions in mind that bugs us today, are they going to get resolved.. Definitely No..!

We might remember the old days and feel bitterer about the so called present routine life. Fun part is that even those days we used to feel that the life was routine. Instead of feeling sad we all must use these memories as a reset button. Whenever you meet your some old friend don’t crib about the fact that you don’t meet often, but start from the point where you had left behind.

The fact is, you always miss your past and you feel good remembering those moments. Whatever might be the situation good or bad you have lived those moments. Even if it is your worst period of your life, you feel good that you survived through it and still you are in your senses to remember it.

Amongst friends you should relive those old moments. Be with your friends as they know you. How much ever mature, serious and sophisticated the outside world expects you to be… There is a need of someone who knows the idiotic and stupid side of your personality. Whatever position you reach you need someone to keep you grounded.  

When with your friends be idiot, be naughty, be stupid, share the jokes which you used to share, sometimes listen to the songs which you used to, dance to tunes which you used to, call them with same nicknames as you used to call, play same kind of pranks as you used to play, laugh on remembering your silly mistakes and laugh it louder if it’s your friend's mistake.

Many of times, while doing these activities of revisiting past your present will show glimpses. But such activities are needed. You need this activity for yourself. You need this activity for your health. You need this activity to be sane. You need this activity as a “switch-off / switch-on” button. The point is you cannot hide from or cast away your life's issues. But what you need is a “temporary shutdown” button

I know a friend of mine since forever now…since the big bang may be… even we don’t remember now when and how we met. Because of the fact we have been together and seen each other in all the phases of our lives. More than the present, we end up remembering some of the incident and feel refreshed. We might sheepishly smile remembering the girl from class 8th, on whom we had a crush or still have hard feelings for the guy who didn’t let us play his new videogame.

Many of times what we miss is the in-person meeting our friends. How much ever we try to there are hundreds of reason that we can’t make it. There are some reasons that we can’t even justify. However, there are ways to be in touch and we should use that. Even though, I completely agree that nothing can beat the personal meetings and sometimes we need other medium to cater us. Whatever might be the medium, the time spent with your friends is a time invested for yourself.

Disclaimer : Any resemblances to dead or alive is purely intentional. 😛

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