The Last Shave of The Year!

I was looking at my face, full of facial hair. But I wasn't looking like Alan from “The Hangover” at all!
I had just woken up, and had just brushed my teeth. Some of the foam was still on my beard and my mustache. It was looking gross, according to my beard-hater-sister. But to me, it was kinda funny. But obviously I never would show that face to Aayushi(with double ‘a' as she says), otherwise she might even breakup with me! I still wanted to be in relationship for a couple of months, else it would look like i had been in a relationship just to show my coolness to my college mates. I mean, it was the reason, but….you know, leave that. 😛 😉

It was 31st December so I had promised Aayushi that i'd be with her from evening till the midnight. I was just hoping to get something special tonight from her. (Yes, we were in relationship since “February” of this year, so this was our first New Year Night together and we had done nothing i had wished we'd do till today, NOTHING!!)


“you know, you should shave now Aaku…” She said. How can it be the first line to say to your boy friend on the 31st Dec!? She just should have kissed me already! And what is with “AAku”!!? My name is Akash(with just a single ‘a') and i find ‘Akki' cooler than aaku.  “I think you'll look more handsome with a clean and clear face.” she added. Like My face was having all the dirt and mess of the world! clear face? seriously?

“Do you really think that aayu?” I tried to make a disagreeing face. And aayu is the word she likes me to call her. Does't she know that means age?! “I think beard makes a man look more like a man! A Mard you know.” I put my point.

“But I thought my aaku would love to do what I'd say to him. You know I have a surprise for you on tomorrow, on the first Jan for my jaan!” She said with a cute face. She never had to try to make cute faces. She was just like All-Time-Cute!!

“A surprise? What's that?” I just hoped that the surprise was the prize I had always wanted!

“I don't want to make the surprise less interesting. Just wait and watch.” She said and winked. And By God, that wink got me!

“Ahan! ok, anything for you baby! What's this beard? Nothing!” I did not have to think that much to be humorous or romantic. She'd just love anything i'd say. God knows why!! And about the beard, I had already taken the resolution to shave everyday from the new year, so the surprise gift was just a bonus for me!

We talked for some time and then went to a party a friend had organised at his farm house. And even the party night was not that lucky for me to get anything amazing from her! 12:30 was the time her parents had given as the deadline and I had to drop her at her apartment. She kissed on her palm and touched my lips and went straight to the elevator.
I drove back to my home, went to my room, looked at the mirror, caressed my beard for the last time before shaving.


It was a new morning of the new year! I looked at the clock. 8:30 it showed. I was late for my CAT classes! I was supposed to meet Aayushi at 8:40. I tried to save the time as much as i could and went to her. She was there, a little furious. But i knew that some romantic lines will work to make her calm. It had not happened for the first time after all.  I had been master of all these things. I went to her, she looked at me and got shocked!
She flew away more furiously without saying anything!
I was shocked too!
I did not know what had happened. I caressed my beard to think hard and there I found the reason.
The beard!
I just couldn't be that cruel to cut those little cute hair off my face.
What she did was just totally worth it! 😛


Brackety Bracket :~
In past I've tried many times to write some stories like this, but I never could finish any of them.
Suna hai un kahaaniyon ki aatmaa aaj bhi mere drafts me ghumti hui dikhaai de padti hai!
So it was just a try at something new on the last day of the year!
I hope you liked it.
I still need to work hard, i know. But that will be possible only with your help, your suggestions.
The commentbox is always open for your comments, critiques and suggestions.
Thank you for reading and Have A Great Year Ahead!!


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Written by viraj


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