No No No no no no wait wait wait ohh muh

No No No no no no wait wait wait ohh muh my mood is changing with every steps of clock. I never understood my mood. What I’m and what I’m going to do, even every seconds my mood get changed. Am I moody? Oh no ! I’m not talking about any moody name or surname’s person. I meant a person whom mood swings like swing. heheheh nice definition.

I’m a freely tired person. Thousands of thoughts came in my mind since morning. Thousands of time I thought to do those things. But… Nothing I did, except thinking and thinking to fallow them.
I’ve a novel bought on last month when I was going to my home for Diwali at Kashmiri Gate Delhi, several times I think to read that novel but only read cover page every time suddenly my mood get swung and I put novel down and start doing other work like scrolling Facebook page up and down without any reason. It ready sucks. Meantime, I start searching any materials on internet.
      Oh I missed, I also start imagine a nice journey for life and else. I don’t know why I do that.
Finally today I wake up with a determination to do something at 10 O’clock in the morning (very early I think, lol) . Around 11 O’clock I thought first to have breakfast (lunch) then I would start studying (I meant that I would do some meaningful work today, not nonsense).
      I bought food and had, and then ? what ? same thing as always. started doing nonsense. Checking emails, searching stuff on internet, scrolling Facebook page up and down, imagining impossible things.
     Even, while writing this post I many times went to other opened webpages without any reason.
even started reading cold drink pack cover. I came to know that cold drink (Dew) is containing caffeine. My last peg of cold drink is waiting for me but it’s been hot now.
     well enough for the day. Not able to concentrate now. Again my mood started swinging.


What do you think?

Written by Pawan


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