If I Were Prime Minister Of India, People Think.

If I were Prime Minister of India, then what happened ? This is the time of Prime Minister election in India.
All leaders want to be PM. All are addressing assemblies and promising that they will do this, they will do that.

Just think, you were PM of India what would you do ? And what would you do to be PM of India ?
If I say you will be the PM of India, obviously, you will not deny. Who will kick this great opportunity to be the PM of world’s biggest democracy ? Of course no one will kick.

Every person wants to be PM. Some are connected with political parties, some are those parties’s leaders.
Some are individual like we, you who are voters, who are mango people of country.

Everyone has a dream. How many times have you visualized that you are a PM and what you are doing ?
We often visualized our dreams in the dream. I’m PM and I’m doing this, I’m doing that. I will make that rule. Yes, we often characterized ourselves as a PM. And we start thinking in a manner of a leader.

Some days ago, I went a person who irons the clothes. I gave him my clothes for ironing. I told him that I was getting late for office please iron my clothes first. He agreed. I was standing there he started discussion on PM. After couple of minutes he said that if he were PM of India he would give free electricity to every person who irons the clothes on streets. I smiled and said yes.

Why he said this ? Because, he thinks on that level. Might be he has a dream to buy a electric iron.

We often start thinking from that level where we are working. Which activity we do most in a day. This is thinking of a common man, we you.

However, political parties leaders think in a different way. They will address the crowd of people and do promise to do some work or promise to make new act. Although, they don’t do. They try to strike on people’s situation and get benefits.

Recently, a local party chief in UP said that if they would come in power they would amend the law for rapers so that they could not get death sentence. He gave this statement after a court has sentenced three men to hang in rape case. He said that boys can do mistakes.

He has also a dream to be PM of India. If he comes in power definitely, he will fulfill his dreams. He will amend the law. Cheers Rapers !?

Every person have dreams if they were PM of India. Some people talk over development, some talk over corruption and some talk over religions.

I remember my school days, in the exam we used to get a question for writing an essay. There we used to get some options for writing an essay. We definitely used to get one option that “If I were Prime Minister of India.”
I always used to like on this option but never wrote a long essay. Because I never visualized too much. Even I didn’t know the work of a PM due to lake of knowledge.
 If today anyone would say to me that write an essay on “If I were PM of India.” Definitely, I will write a long essay. Political parties are giving us their dreams. I can also write that I would amend the law for raper for the sake of that local political party’s chief . He has given his dream to us.

All people should think if they get a position what they would do. But think in good way not in bad way (like rapers).



What do you think?

Written by Pawan


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