One Aspect I want to Change in Chennai

This post is a part of the Tablog: CBC TABLOG – 2. CBC the Chennai Bloggers Club the most happening Bloggers community consists of people from all walks of the life.  Every blogger of this club has a close-knit connection to Chennai in some manner. CBC has never failed to encourage, inspire, support and motivate the members in their blogging journey. In this particular blog tag series about 30 bloggers from the CBC would be expressing their views under the title; ‘One aspect I want to change in Chennai’. The baton has been passed to me by ‘Shashi S' who blogs at Shadow dancing with mind: A blog about creativity, designs, books, music and peotry. He is known for his poems especially Haiku. 

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One aspect I desire to change in Chennai will be ‘Monsoonal water stagnation’. Chennai the vibrant modernising city with a rich culture and history have always been the pride of India. The city with a diversified economy has been the sixth highest contributor for India’s overall GDP growth (A GDP of $66 billion in 2012). However, the city has failed to prevent the problem of monsoonal water logging and the related consequences. According to ‘World Population Review’; “Chennai has an estimated population of 4.9 million, with an area that has grown from 176 square kilometres to 426 square kilometres after a 2011 expansion. The urban agglomeration, which includes the city and suburbs, has a population estimated at 9 million. This makes it the 4th most populous metropolitan area in India and the 31st largest urban area in the world”.  Being such a densely populated city Chennai does lack in well maintained roads, appropriate measures to prevent water stagnation, regular sewage control, and smooth transportation.

On a typical rainy day, the scene on the roads would be water stagnated almost everywhere. Even in the best claimed roads one may find swamp of rain water. This monsoonal water stagnation is known to cause various problems such as worsening road conditions, breakdown of vehicles, traffic congestion, overflowing of sewage, and contamination of drinking water. And the situation worsens with the constant digging up of roads for various purposes such as laying down cable wires, pipe lines etc. As rain water sweeps through these pits in the road and gets stagnated for quite a long period of time. It becomes an environmental hazard. Stagnated water becomes the convenient breeding ground for different kinds of bacteria, parasites and insects resulting in an outbreak of various diseases. Hence, the perennial issue of ‘Monsoonal water stagnation’ tops my list of things I want to change in Chennai.

There are various preventive measures that have been proposed by the government and charity organisations. Still, how far have they been implemented? Is a question of fact. Here’s a video by ‘Samarpan Foundation’ spreading awareness about the issue of water stagnation.

Thanks for reading and I pass on the baton to Muthiah Sriram who blogs at:  A versatile blogger who blogs about ‘life as it comes': . Providing an account of all interesting, fun, and tough times he goes through generally in life. 

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