Haider: The Movie- Review

It's been a while when I have been in awe of any movie except for Rockstar followed by Burfi, which was more for the performance and less for the story. 
This movie is brilliant on so many parameters. The cinematography, simply magical, every shot is just picturesque. During the movie, so many times I sighed wishing if I could ever click a still like those. The characters, as they say “Shakespearean women are always very strong and manipulative”, so was Ghazala brilliantly played by Tabu. One of her few performances I can really accolade to. No need to say anything about Kay Kay Menon except he pulled the movie to another level. Kulbhushan Kharbanda was like, out of sight out of mind. Wished we could see him getting some more screen time. Last but not the least, Irfan Khan, despite being in a cameo, was no less than icing on the cake.
Shahid Kapoor, I think, now he deserves to be address as Pankuj Kapoor’s son. I totally believe that no other can pull better Haider as he did. Finally, we have got another actor in town whose glimpse we saw in JWM and Kameeney. As a dancer, song Bismil has one of the most graceful and masculine dances ever done by any actor in Bollywood.
Pankaj Kumar is no less than Santosh Sivan now. RGV should now realise that it’s not just low shots which give any movie the authenticity and Mr. Bhansali should realise that capturing sets is much easier than capturing real locations. Guess last time I saw such a beautiful Kashmir was Roja and none after that.
Regarding Vishal Bhardwaj in this movie, just few words. Mr Kashyap, your throne is in danger now. No one in Bollywood is capturing literature so brilliantly on screen, time and again.
Oh yes, I forgot there are people who are making movies on Chetan Bhagat’s books too. (Pun intended)
4/5 from my side.
PS: Oh yes, just recalled there was Shraddha Kapoor too. To tell you about her I’d need to watch the movie again. Can’t recall anything about her right now. Not her fault, she was amidst among the best contemporary actors.

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