Happy New Year – Review

Few things one should realise before setting expectations for this movie

It's a Farah/ Shahrukh comboIt's a Diwali release

We haven't seen any entertainer for a long time
As Shahrukh himself accepted in an interview sometime back that he casted so many starts cos' he didn't had any story. Well, he was right and the trick worked out very well.

This is an out an out Farah/ Shahrukh typical combo outcome, just being on a larger scale this time.

Rip-offs of SRKs own dialogues were good enough to make you laugh. The supporting cast was good and were portrayed in a typical comic book character style.

Visuals are really stunning. The reason might be it is shot mostly in Atlantis, Dubai and it's been so grandeur captured, right from opening shot.

I still believe that Deepika needs to work a bit on her regional accents, be it Tamilian or Marathi. But who cares, when Deepika is doing it, all is fine with me.

Remember SRK has 8 packs in this movie, no matter how synthetic they look.

Last but not the least, if nothing else helps you, just remember “Lovely” song, the oomph and the ooze of Deepika (Sigh~) , more than enough to burn the screen… and you will come out of the theatre more than happy!

Still, if you are disappointed, your fault. You chose the wrong movie to watch.

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© Vikas Singh and Surreal Aberrant, 2008-2015.


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