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Weight is a struggle for a lot of people in this world. Some find it difficult to gain weight, some face difficulties losing weight while a select few, blessed souls, do not have to think about it at all. I am one of the people from the second category – I have struggled with losing weight. In fact I do not struggle as much with losing weight as much as with maintaining the weight loss.

It took me years and years altogether of trying all sorts of diets to know that diets do not work. I was able to lose the weight when I was strict about a diet but once I let go, the weight came back, sometimes multiplied. This phenomenon is known as yo-yo dieting. And I have tried at least a dozen of the diets from Atkins to South Beach to Low Carbohydrates and High Protein diets. Each one promised weight loss that I was desperately looking for but all of these diets were difficult to follow especially over a long period of time.

This whole process battered my soul and my determination to live a healthy life. It took years to finally reach at this point where I am not running after weight loss or diets. I am looking for a lifestyle to adopt which will help me reach my weight and health goals. And I am done with “diets” per say.

On the recommendation of an Ayurvedic doctor, after Nadi Pariksha, I started taking a glass of warm water with a teaspoonful of honey. It has helped me feel light and energetic while also making subtle changes to the physical body. Since the changes are coming at a slower pace and in a balanced way, I feel this time the changes will last!

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I remember feeling tired and weak after a week or two into a diet since calorie intake used to be low, I used to have bouts of depression, hunger pangs and guilt. But now I feel strong and energetic. And the honey I use for this Honey Diet of mine is one other than the one and only Dabur Honey.

I have used Dabur Honey for years. Earlier I used to use for topical use only but then one of my friend introduced me to Honey sandwich. I loved applying it to my toasts and parathas and these days I keep finding new ways to incorporate honey into my diet. Overall, I never exceed one tablespoon per day because a little bit of honey is good enough to enhance the taste and nutritional value of a meal.

If you are not sure about how to incorporate Honey into your diet, I would suggest checking out Dabur Honey’s website since they have plenty of tips and tricks to add honey to various food items. They have recently launched the “Honey Diet” which will help anyone looking to become healthier and slimmer while eating balanced and nutritious meals. I love their ideas and plan to implement them in different ways.

I have always loved honey and now after knowing the health benefits, I love it even more!

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