Hey! I have a crush on you!!

for the record, that's Bellatrix!

for the record, that's Bellatrix!

College life: these super fun-filled moments of laughter, these super busy days with assignments and projects…friends and nicknames, classes and bunks, canteen, the bus-stop! Life seems so awesome. It’s like we have everything now… but time: to stand and stare! Amidst these busy times, we undoubtedly gather the best moments of life! That calling me Bellatrix for the super-awesome hair that I have got, that fighting for the Best Cultural Team Award, those till-dawn hours of coding in the moments just before project submission! Everything becomes a cherished memory, something that we wish to preserve for the rest of our lives. Seriously, these are the best days of my life (as yet). And amidst this, THAT one person that you have this huuuuuuuuuge crush on! That one smile that makes your heart skip a beat. It’s funny how he can make you smile: yeah, with no reason at all!! And the guilty pleasure in stealing a glance of him. Haha! It’s funny though! And isn’t that always tempting? That stolen glance; that one dance that you almost prayed God for! Yeah, I was tempted to have a dance with him! Silly as it is sounds! But you know what the best part is? I did get to dance with him! Not in the ideal ball-dance kinda way, but yeah, the crazy DJ-night dance in the college technical fest does work too! Haha!

remember!? haha!

remember!? haha!

Yeah, temptation it is: for an unexplainable beauty that it has in it. Probably because of the fact that it is always like that staccato flute that you hear late at night. You don’t hear it start, you don’t clearly know when it ends, but that little piece touches your soul… is incompleteness really that beautiful? Probably yeah, isn’t Monalisa also an unfinished work? Personally, I like incomplete. It always has that hope…the hope for a better ending, the perk of imagination and the ecstasy of framing and reframing scenes of probability… Regards, PS       This post is for Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda (Prompt: the post must contain ‘I was tempted’.)


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