The Final Destination

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              The sun was about to set. The sky looked like a beautiful picture, as if painted by god in his complete sense. The picture had a mix of different colours, orange mixed with shades of blue, white and red, spreading across a vast area. The orange seemed to have fallen a little too much from the painter’s brush! The painting was a spectacular one.. with a beauty of rarest of rare kinds!
               Four of us, puffing and panting, were running around, playing in the lap of nature. I could hear Rani call out loudly “We are done!” And then there was a kind of darkness that spread across my eyes, a kind of feeling that made me numb.. and then there was silence, complete silence…it seemed as if I was drifting away in an ocean of sleep, deep, deep sleep.
                After quite a long time of sleep, I woke up. I found myself in a place which was dark; I rubbed my eyes to see well. But still, there was no success. I got up on my feet to search for life around me. I roamed around the place without success just to find that I was on a remote island. With a heavy heart I sat down on the sand. With no one whom I knew around me, I started feeling home sick. I was hungry, I was scared. I felt like calling out to my mom and lying down with my head on her lap, which seemed to be the safest place on earth for me. Thoughts made me restless; I got up again and started wandering. I walked in darkness into the island’s heart. I shouted, just to find my voice coming back to me and scaring me even more. I walked more and more….strangely I couldn’t even find animals or plants in that place. It seemed as if I was on moon or some planet, where no life existed. I considered it as a possibility, but then it didn’t make sense to have only water and no inhabitation!!! It was surprising, rather shocking!!! I had never heard of a land full of water and sand and nothing else. There was nothing I could have done, I was completely stranded. With tears in my eyes, I laid down again. I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t, various thoughts flew across my mind. I closed my eyes, tried hard not to think about anything.
                Suddenly, I heard my mother calling me, “Rohit!!! Baba come here, have dinner!!!” I opened my eyes, just to find that I was dreaming. I was very happy to see my mom in front of me. I hugged her, with my eyes wet. She was shocked to see me behaving like this. But her motherly sense made her realize that I was scared. Without any questions, she took me in her arms, kept me close to her chest. With my head on her chest and eyes closed, I took a breath of relief. I was never so happy before. It was like a new life, a life that I got for the hands that clutched me. I thanked god for the wonderful family that I have got and thanked him to make me realize that. I promised him, that I will always be a good and sincere son to my parents. I cried, my mother held me tightly, as tightly as she could have….
                   Deep in my head, I heard a rattling sound, as if something was approaching me. I still clutched my mom tightly. I wouldn’t let her go, come what may. The rattling sound became more and more, louder. I opened my eyes, just to find a ship heading towards me. It came to the shore where I was, it was then that I realised I was dreaming. I was confused; I wanted to know where exactly I was. With thousands of questions in my mind, I walked towards the ship which stopped on the shore. The captain waved at me, signalling me to get inside, which I did obediently, unable to make out exactly what was the situation I was into. I wanted to ask him, “Am I dreaming”? But before I could say anything, he showed me a room, where I was supposed to go. To my surprise, I found that to be a happening place. Lots of people of different age group were together, dancing to the rhythm of a popular Sufi song. I am not that old enough to make out what is popular and all, but I thought that this song was popular as I had heard it many times and was one of my favs. I walked slowly towards the crowd. My heart was pounding up and down. This was the first time ever that I was going to be a part of such a big crowd.
                  I went inside the party. The atmosphere was a very different one. The music was loud and so were the people. But still there was a sort of silence and peace in the surrounding. They welcomed me and soon I became one among them. Dancing to the rhythm the ship sailed through the ocean in darkness to reach its final destination of enlightenment. The destination was bright, with light all around, I bet sun was brightest in this part of the world. I realized then, that I was not dreaming. I realized that, this was the place where I was meant to be, where I was supposed to belong to. But I was missing my family, my mother… I wished I could see her,,, I longed for her touch……
                  The sun had set. It was night, the darkest ever in the history of that place. Rani ran back to her home, crying, as she was unable to understand what had happened. The place that used to be full of noises of children playing around was then, very silent. There was a wailing sound, it started being low and then turned into one with higher amplitude, it came out of a heart that longed to see her child safe. But then, there was nothing the mother could have done. The house was crowded. People were speaking in low tones to each other. One lady in white said to the other, “He had brain tumour!”


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Written by Prejula


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