Reincarnated – 2

Hey Guyz and Girls. How are you doing? They year has almost come to an end with a month and 2 hours to spare. Hope that you’d have an amazing 2015. Being cooped up in a room on a chilly Delhi winter with mattress spread on ground and feet well inside the quilt (yup you guessed my cold blooded origin), working a job that neither satisfies my aspiration nor provides adequate compensation and thins out your social circle, I would like to think that you would be enjoying this time of the year with your loved ones hand in hand. Let’s leave other things to imagination for now. Isn’t it fantastic? Most of you would agree and I’d wish the same for you. But not everyone is so blessed.

This year to me was an interesting and enriching one in terms of real life experiences. Life is the greatest teacher. Its lessons never ends. You may think that you know it all and figured everything. Sometimes you also doubt that whether the learning applied only to a particular scenario and you may be wrong in applying it to others. So you tend to overlook. But that my friend is a COLOSSAL mistake. The moment you believe that, life dishes you another one of its valuable lessons and this keeps on going until there is life. I’ve been busy with the same. Yup really busy attending life’s lessons and that too by example firsthand. That’s the reason I haven’t been there to babble and kill your time on the blog. But worry not people, I am back and that too with lots of new stories and experiences to add to my memoir-vita that is the memories of life.

This makes me change my thoughts that I had at the end of first stanza. Maybe everyone is blessed in his own way. What’s best to them comes their way. They may not know it yet. But life knows it all and teaches them all that they need to know before they bid their final adieu. So stay tuned just in case you want to kill some time and maybe enrich from some of my experiences. Well mostly you will be killing time, but that’s another lesson 😛

See y’all



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