Book Review: Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Pages :  518

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Review: Where do I begin. Let’s start of by saying this would probably be the shortest review I have written or will ever write. Really, how much criticism can a classic get when it’s already pretty well imbibed, churned,diluted, watered down, read, re-read, re-re-re-re-read over the years and people like me just got older. 

To think that this book is perfect for your children is probably one of the biggest disillusion you would have. The concept behind why these stories are so ‘Grimm’ (Ha! See what I did there :p) is to scare children into behaving. I see it contrary to that. The stories are terrifying to a child yes, but they are also quite sexist and anyone who knows that it’s what really gets to me.One has to keep in mind the day and age they are residing in.  So to sift through all of that and look for the morales behind it, I had to literally take a magnifying glass and hunt for it. The book also has the usage of…….certain words…. which I don’t like reading even in the grown-up novels. (I’m pure and pies). Don’t get me wrong. Grimm’s Fairy Tales are quick, snappy, witty and extremely clever. The question is, would I give it to my child to read it as it is? I wouldn’t.

Adding another perspective would be if like me, you too have a sickening and darkly sense of humor, you’d love this and that’s exactly the lens I looked through.
IF your kid is as annoying as I was/am , please read a cherry-picked, milder version for these stories to them. There’s enough misery in the world as it is.

Recommended to generally weird adults with an odd sense of humour such as myself.

Final Rating : 3/5

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