1st Dec World AIDS Day – Slogans with a Difference

Makeup & Breakup

AIDS – Awareness In De-mystifying Silence

 HIV – Health In Value

AIDS does not discriminate, People do…

World AIDS day, HIV, AIDS, Slogans Love Life & Live Life

1)      Myth of Mingling

Talking, Touching with HIV infected will only bring Affection not Infection.

2)      Case of Care

Death is inevitable, in case of HIV life is shortened, why not Care more…

3)      Monkey to Man

Man should stop doing Monkey Business…

4)      Care for Prevention

Prevention is the Reality till Cure becomes the Reality.

5)      Touch of Untouchables

            Touch can never transmit the virus till they are treated as untouchables…

6)       Life without Purpose

Carrying along life without a meaning is a Crime…

7)      Bloated Blood

Blood is the Lifeline, suddenly threatening to be the Deadline

8)      Sex is Taboo

Why create an Artificial barrier for something which is Natural…

9)      Cost of Cure


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