And She Rises by Megha Patni

Title: And She Rises (Introduction)   Author: Megha Patni
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Juggernaut
Price: Free on the juggernaut app
Pages: 67

This is a story of an Indian girl, a woe tale, with a humorous twist. For those who are alien to Indian culture,  there are certain aspects in our culture, mindset and perspective about women in our nation which are evolving slowly, compared to the developed world. Also India is a continent in every aspect, be it religion, caste, culture, food and even in the minute sectors; today you will find examples (though relatively low) of single mothers or couples living-in, but that is not a vast majority. In an average Indian family arranged marriage is the favored norm even today, well not to discredit it entirely since the divorce rates are lower in this old-fashioned mode of operation.

Coming from such a regular family is the protagonist Falguni. When she reaches a marriageable age, the entire society's  especially her relatives only job suddenly shifts to “getting her married”. So she does, not without having her own share of experiences. The remarkable quality of her's is sense of humor, the words she chooses to frame her thoughts which the writer aces at. Everything is depicted in a manner that despite what happens in the story, it makes you laugh. Like when Falguni learns her best friend Disha decides to run away from home and marry her boyfriend, her wise advise is “marriages are made in heaven, not on marathon tracks”.  This is just the beginning of many more that just spring up in the most bizarre manner.

This book, the first in the series gives us the pre- and post marriage, glimpse of Falguni's life and versions of her personality. It is a primer for the complete woe tale to unfold. Any marriage, love or arranged, changes the lives of the two people involved, more so of the girl, especially because she has to adjust to completely new set of surroundings. When it is arranged, even the groom is unknown and its a gamble that can turn out lucky or otherwise. The book is extremely relatable for anyone who is a woman or has a friend going through these circumstances. This 67 page book is a quick read, you will not even realize ended. It is just a glimpse to a lot that seems the writer wishes to address about the life of Indian girl in so called “modern India” today. With humor and sarcasm as a tool, I am sure it will be an interesting and emphatic one.

I so wished the book was longer for the writing is so sharp, just what you need after a long tiring day. With lives being more demanding, humor as a genre is picking up. The success of Twinkle Khanna's books are a great proof of that. However personally I found her writing distasteful and derogatory at some points. The con-side of writing humor is a fine balance not many can strike. However, Megha has done it effortlessly and the book in no manner seems that of a debutante.

RC Rating: 4.5/5. Waiting for the next book. Highly recommended! Read it right now on your mobile phone with the Juggernaut App.

About the Author: Megha Patni is an avid writer and a mother to two adorable kids! Apart from writing she also makes chocolate and wishes to open up a bakery some day! Megha also writes for kids and has tried her ahdn in crime story as well.


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