Alone : All one with the universe (Letters from the Soul #1)

I wake up at the dead of the night, disturbed by a nightmare. My suppressed tears don’t make a noise but feed on my heart making it lose its music, one beat at a time. My eyes fall on the curtain of my window, pendulating by the summer zephyr. The full moon tries to sneak a look into my room, curious if some stars are burning in the dark. Lured by an unknown call, I walk to my terrace. The zephyr caresses my bare skin, cooling the blisters of my anguish. I inhale the aroma of mangoes, carried by the breeze from the nearby tree. The moon and I are now standing eye to eye with no mystery in between. We gaze at each other for a long time, communicating in an arcane language. The chirping of crickets breaks the magical exaltation. I see two fireflies, illuminating my heart with hope.

Nature’s lullaby

All one with the universe
Enveloped in peace.

Note: This is a Haibun. It is a Japanese poetry form. It includes a segment of prose written in the first person, followed by a haiku poem. 


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