A story tell us don't be hurry

This is the case. I put on beautiful makeup today, and on the way to the station, I suddenly saw that the car I was going to take had arrived, so I ran all the way in a long skirt.

Although it's still early, although I can wait for the next shift, I don't believe in evil, so I think this fairy must get on this one!As soon as I was 20 meters away from it, the driver was ready to drive away!

I am anxious! With my left foot mixed with my right foot, andII guest I looked like a curling curler who was hit by a high speed. I slid down in front of the bus, and worshipped all the people in her early years.

This master may be fooled by my difficult movements. Just stopped waiting for me to stand up and get in the car. He said lightly, “Little girl, be careful.”

I wore a white T-shirt and denim skirt today. My skirts are all worn out, and the t-shirts are all mud. I was so conspicuous in the car that I was embarrassed to look up.

I didn't feel any pain at the moment of the fall, but the follow-up came up. When I saw that my knee was all scratched, I immediately decided that I would go to the hospital! Help!

—-When I arrived at the hospital in line for registration, the chief physician didn't even bother to raise my head to let me take the film. Later, when I came out, I went to show this doctor to the doctor. He frowned and drew a few strokes on my film, then raised his mouth and said.”Do you usually run fast?””what?””You are born with a slightly lower patella, so you must not run fast.” He stared at me with a sarcasm and pity, “Tsk, you have to chase the bus if you can't run fast.”

Later, when he cleaned up my wound, the clumps of mud on my clothes fell off, and he suddenly realized it.”Is there dirt on your clothes?””Yeah, otherwise?””Ah, I thought it was a unique shape, but I also thought about the colors are weird and beautiful.”Doctor, are you too skinny? ? ?

It hurts to clean up the wound. My friend accompanied me and asked me if it hurts? I said with a louder voice, “It must hurt! Or you can try it!”Then the doctor deliberately pressed hard on my wound with a cotton ball, and said: “The pain is still strong, so it doesn't hurt.”


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Written by Greg Ledford

A 10 years car writer in, which is a is a one-stop automotive site that provides car news, reviews. And I try  my best to share car knowledge and news with you.


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