How to Setup a Fish Tank?

Buying a freshwater aquarium is easy but the setting up part is somewhat confusing. The thing about fish tanks is that you want to make sure that everything is placed right and is working appropriately. Even the slightest change the environment of the fish tank can affect the behavior and the health of your fishes.

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So if you are planning on getting a fish tank, ten you should also know how to set it up properly. Don’t know how? Not to worry because we are going to be look at it in detail. So let us go ahead and jump right into in.

Step 1: Tank and Equipment Setup

The very first thing that you need to do is set up the fish tank. In order to do so, you need to start from the base. Use the substrate to cover the base of the bottom of the fish tank and create a base layer which will act as the foundation for everything else that you place in the aquarium.

Now get all your aquarium controllers and aquarium monitors in place. Read the instructions on the equipment that you are installing so that you know exactly what you need to do. Make sure that everything is set in place and there are no loose wires in the tank.

Once you are done setting up the pond equipment, start filling the tank with water. Make sure that the water level is sufficient for the fishes to swim. You can also add any décor pieces if you wish to add any to the tank while you are filling it with water.

Step 2: Cycling the Tank

Now it is time that you cycle your tank. This means that you allows you aquarium to run on its own with all the equipment set up but without the wishes. It is a natural process which is highly important to ensure the health and safety of your fishes.

The process usually takes between four to eight weeks. During this time, the harmful and toxic nutrients will break into less harmful compounds such as nitrates which are beneficial for the growth of plants. Plus a bed of healthy bacteria will also form which will ensure the health of your fishes.

Step 3: Adding Fish

Get a testing kit to keep of the cycle. Once all the harmful toxins have been removed from the water, it is time that you add fishes to your tank. Make sure to add similar species so that they can survive with one another.


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