All alone as i traversed

All alone as I traversed
this solitary stretch of life,
There were several moments,
when my thoughts returned to you.

The days when we first met
and all the days thereafter
The first time when love whispered
within the walls of my little heart.

How beautiful the world seemed then
with laughter all around me
But, drowned in that ocean of happiness
for a moment, I forgot reality.

And when reality touched me
my heart ached, as it aches today
For you were my first, my only love
and my heart would never beat again

Even today I treasure those little moments
when you were there beside me
I can still hear that innocent laughter
that had stolen my heart away

You came as an oasis,
in the desert of my life
And, passed away as a mirage
an illusion an unending dream of hope.

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Written by BK


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