I remember

I remember

As a child, while I walked this path so many times

I never did think that one day life would be so different

that one day I would fall in love with this sunset

Today as I watch the winding road

meander into the shimmering woods

I remember those long lost days of childhood bliss 

Those casual chilly evening walks

those soft soothing small talks

the regular bursts of infectious laughter

those ever stretching smiles of unbounded joy

And when, love, it took its first flight

soaring across the infinite sky

A hundred wishes were born together

painted with one never-dying belief 

that love would endure every pain.

But soon, love was lost to love’s demand

crushed and trampled,it hoped for revival,

Aching and crying, the heart, it bled.

The gift that was, is now no more.

And now I remember the pain

I rememeber our silent walk in the rain.

This is part of 10 words to a Poem


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Written by BK


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