A Bird’s Love !

I can do what I like,
For me people are alike.
I do love their distinctness, their individuality,
But I have my own version of reality.
I can see you in high and low,
Often, staring right across the window
While I am here right on my tree,
Unnoticed, happy and carefree.
And then I fly,
Up there high, very high,
In the serene, blue sky.
Under the Sun shine, seldom I shiver
Across the clouds, over the river.
Above the mountain all blue and white,
Shining bright in the day light.
And then with night, I come back
With growing moon light, I come back.
 Perhaps, on the same tree.
Where again its me, only me.
And then, I rest.
In my nest,
Feeding my kids,
Hoping for the best.
With next lustrous ray,
They open their eyes.
I set my sight
On the tranquil, Orange Sky.
And then I fly,
Up there high, very high.
Nothing more, I will never need.
For, this is everything,
I ever Loved.




What do you think?

Written by nittin


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