The Dawn, I still await….

Motherless I was,
Had never seen my father;
Illegitimate, I was called,
A life, no one seems to bother;
Toys, Housey, Cartoon were aliens to me,
my childhood would wander for a meal;
Hatred was the only emotion,
Adulthood triggered sex, crimes, fearlessness & money;
The first murder, made me feel guilty,
Second was relatively easy;
Killed twenty three people on a row,
Blood, in my thoughts, in my dreams, on my hands,
I felt as if I was on a path to set myself free;


Guilt died, Ego was born,
Loved when people begged;
My favorite music, when people mourn,
The top criminal, an award I truly pegged;


 I silently observe,
The death of my soul;
The dawn,
I still await.


What do you think?


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