‘Probably, I couldn’t get it,

Pardon, what did you verbalize?’

“Mm… Varun, I don’t realize,

Or esoterically, I can’t visualize,”

‘Something’s wrong? Be strong,

By the way, what came along?’

“Instinctual instinctive insight,

Troubles me, makes me fright,

Internally my mind scolds me,

Holds me, colds me, enfolds me,

It’s shit shark, dead dark,

A diacritical mark to my sudden spark,

The cloud of expectation goes loud,

Makes my proud enshroud,

Something’s wrong, season’s strong,

Lightning’s long, been prolong,”

‘Stop, Stop! Oh my God!

It’s in elicit, you’re hot rod,’

“Don’t freak, let me speak,

I know I’m on my peak,

I’m pensive, totally indecisive,

My perplexities are incisive,

Listen, in me, something grows beneath,

And underneath, it turns me heath,

It only grows hotter,

Keeps me making colder,

As pain gets older,

It trembles its beholder,

Unfortunately, I can’t cope with hope,

Seems am tied with Karma’s rope,

My dilemma rearranges,

Overnight it changes,

Hurt and pain keep exchanges,

As a stress wave, it ranges,

See my hands shakin’,

Nerves aching, I’m breaking,

My mind isn’t waking,

Pain as peace- it’s mistaking,

My focus’ gone, I can’t act on,

Can’t dwell on, can’t break on,

And I can flood the whole of galaxy,

With my tears and turn it waxy,

Anymore now, I can’t be humble,

I tremble, I disassemble,

Failure- I’m starting to love that,

Totally crushed, I’m flat,

I know success has to be there,

But slowly, I’m giving up here,

Where is the ‘me’ in me lost?

Over now, just in short, I’m frost,

Ok. Bye, catch you later,

I told my problem, get it greater,

Am about to leave, but do reply,

Is my life- a shit type lie?

Your ‘Masterpiece’ made me fly,

So on you, Varun, I rely,

Hit me back, with your letter,

With your thought, heal me better.”

And with that he was gone,

But I never gave it a thought,

As a poet, I put my hands on heart,

And let it come out, on to the paper,

‘Dear John, you’re born, not to mourn,

But to be adorn,

And as far as your expectation is concerned,

Let them go loud, until they crash,

So they really crash and rash,

And then throw ‘em in trash,

Swear that every time you fall,

You’re not going to give it all,

No. absolutely no, that’s what,

Life is all about, it’s one shot,

And don’t fly away from fear,

That’s the job of houseflies, here,

Got it- may be still no,

‘Cause you freeze like snow,

Or may be you don’t believe yourself,

That’s what the problem is itself,

And you’re asking Varun for help,

Damn it man! That’s a yelp,

So instead of looking out,

Give it a blow, a hard shout,

And get drowned inside the fire in you,

Pull it harder, without an ‘ew,

Your frustration is your motivation,

Your addiction is your inspiration,

Fear and failure- they come as they go,

But never let them make you feel low,

Come on! Rise up and live up,

Speak till last, don’t shut up,

‘Cause the world’s stage is all yours,

So don’t be afraid of audiences,

They’ll just stare at you,

And you only have to act,

Remove all temptation,

That’s plantation of your creation,

Work like hell, so the heaven is shaken up,

Blow it, shake it man, yup,

And remove yourself from differentia,

From your own state of inertia,

That’s what says my rock dove,

This is Varun- with love!’


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