At the edge

At the edge of anticipation, lie their eyes that flicker for sight
And their minds that won’t rest at night.
At the edge of the fear of rejection, lies the pathway
to the sacred union of hearts, synonymous to happiness.
At the edge of your tongue, lie the answers
to the language of love unspoken as yet. 
At the edge of happiness, lie the two hearts that throb to communicate,
But the words won’t come out.
At the edge of oblivion, lies the result of unuttered words,
If these words don’t come out.
At the edge of sorrow, lie the broken hearts,
If the words never come out.
People say words unspoken are spoken by hearts,
The language of hearts though evident,
Need words to set a precedent.   
On the ledge, lie these words unuttered,
Still in anticipation of someone worthwhile to be spoken to.
Still on the edge, with words unspoken that create a wedge
and destined to stay on the ledge, lies the heart which yet has never felt.


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The day before holi in school and the blue scalp!!