Deadly TRAP..!!!

I walked down the same lane not knowing why again
The memories of my past hugged  me with its open arms,
The debris i carried for long made its toll heavy on me
Finally i gave in,looked around for a while.

The sun was about to hide behind the horizon
making way for darkness to spread all over,
The daggers of heat left
making way for cold breeze to soothe my naked soul.

After all those years of togetherness and the bonding we shared
When she said that i am her prince and she is my princess
When life was a bitch
But her presence made it more beautiful than Marilyn Monroe.

I only wished for an angel
but not at the cost of her,
Her dark chocolate eyes 
and pink lips didnot stop me
and i fell in the trap.

For all those promises we made and the time we spent
Everything is like now a delicate dream,
which i crushed with my own hand
and she left 
to let me die in this deserted sand.

Only thing which stopped me to reach her
were those fireflies eyes and soft fingers,
as if it was she reborn again
so i am still carrying with the pain.

The innocent voice echoed “Papa why mamma left us”
Shall i tell her the truth ?
Shall i let her know ?
But how do i make her believe
that her papa took her mamma away !!

P.S.- Well the above lines describe the condition of a man who lost his wife on the day he was blessed with a beautiful angel.He is now standing at a crossroad, not able to decide whether to tell his daughter the truth that her mother was suffering from a disease and still they tried for a baby or he should never reveal this bitter truth to her.

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Written by r@yofhope


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