Believe me..!!!

Today you were not the same
dont know why,
May be i did something bad
that broke the trust you had.

You smiled as if things going right,
I asked  the reason that is holding you back,
You said everything is fine and i worry too much.

I held your hand promised that i will not let you go
You smiled again as if the promise is not new anymore.

I hugged you tight,
Promised my words will not fail,
Your smile was gone
I sensed you didnt hug me back.

After a long pause you muttered
I am free to go
You will not pull me back 
Cause i suffered too much.

I asked again the reason of teardrops in your eyes,
You looked away
Oh now i know
The reason of your being different
You fear i wil leave you ??
You fear she would take me away from you??

You are wrong,
How do i make you believe,
Its you who spoke with me
When everyone got busy with their life.
Its you who told me
life is like this always,
People do forget once the serving is done.
Its you and on your shoulders
i vented everything out,.
Its you who vowed
to be with me everytime.
when i lost my shine.

Believe me 
no one can take me away,
as i am made to live this way
sooner she gonna leave me
and  i will need you back
to fill the void.

Believe me 
no one can break the bond,
sooner she gonna break my trust
and i will need you back
to repair my heart.

Believe me 
no one can keep us apart,
we will meet again
when i will watch her go 
out of my sight
and i will need you back
to wash away my eyes.

Believe me and my words
cause they are true
we will have our time again
when she will be chasing her dreams 
without me

and i will need you back
to embrace me.  

P.S.-Here “you” represent the loneliness that the person is addressing.


What do you think?

Written by r@yofhope


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