Love Lane

Maybe it was a plan, maybe it was fate
It could have been music, or even a chime
But something brought us close together
At the right place, at the right time

You gave yourself to me completely
I was drawn to you in total trust
I was I and you were you
Not once did we have to adjust

We spoke, we laughed and understood
As we put together our dreams and hopes
This was what bound us together
As we became Calvin and Hobbes

When you held my hand tight
I knew this is where I belong
That was when your laughter
Then became my favorite song

I already knew what love was
But you taught me the pleasures of romance
Butterflies came and did their part
And then my heart learnt how to dance

You have given me the best of gifts
Like warmth, peace and happiness
In a short period of time
You showed me what love really is

You leave me wanting nothing more
Than just wanting more of you
Its amazing how you manage to do it
Everyday you make me feel something new

If there were a reason to keep living
I’ve found a million in you
This is what you’ve done to me
And still you continue to do

After all that we've happily been through
Today I'm joyfully insane
We have set up a long life
In the wonderful love lane

The feelings around us is our home
Together where we laugh and play
We shall never leave this place
And yet shall return to it everyday


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