But this was meant for forever”  whispered her heart
Seeing all the things those have fallen apart.
She almost punched herself back to the wall
Forcing herself not to touch them at all.
She had hid her past somewhere deep in her cupboard
By chance now spilled out of all those barriers.
She wanted to run, she wanted to hide
From all the pain he has caused her inside.
She wanted to scream, she wanted cry
Why is it so hard for her to wish him goodbye?
She sat there for hours staring at pieces of “their” life
She recalled all those promises of staying together in high and low tides.
The diary treasuring their story has turned pale
Which failed to reach that “happily ever after” phase
She looks at all those cards and envelopes of care
Now holds no warmth but only despair.
Those rose petals are scattered before her
Which she preserved in her diary like pearls.
Once again on her heart’s doorstep, he has made a call
And that incident again started to roll
“It’s the time, I should go “  he kissed her final goodbye
Her hand lost the grip and he started to step by.
All those promises, he could not keep
Realizing they were just lies, she fell on her knees.
She wished atleast for the last time, he would turn around
But he didn’t even give a glance, just left her with the wound.
Once she used to wake up to his dreams
Now she has lost her sleep to his nightmares and slient screams.
She wanted to start over, she wanted to feel free
But she is crippled by all his memories.
She missed him when it rained
She missed him in every love song she played.
She missed him when she was among the crowd
She missed him more when no one was around.
She missed him when on her dress smelled his perfume
She almost freeze when in her mind his voice echoed to high volumes.
There are many places now she fears to go
Once again taking those turns her steps unknowingly go slow.
She searches peace in some quiet place
Where never fell his foot or shone his face.
There is no memory of him here “, her mind says.
But her heart still wishes him to silently come and fill that empty space.
There is a part of her she still fails to find
He took it with him when he left her behind.
Most quite screams are all shattered before her
Which once moved with the beat of a thousand love songs.
It’s the time she has to forget him, leave him behind.
Erase all his memories from her mind.
Wavering She gets up and burns it all to ashes.
She went to her bed and let out those soulful cries
She screamed till she failed to listen her own sound
She wished herself “Good night hope!! wake me up in the morning”
She hoped to leave behind that dusk of sorrows.
Still a bit of him is clung to her even after all he had done
Which hangs in her bracelet is that “half a heart”.


What do you think?

Written by Shelly


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