Bittersweet Goodbye

Her tears tasted bittersweet


Her smile slightly curved

With him she felt complete

He was what she deserved


His eyes hid sadness of his heart,

His voice escaped the lies

He knew, they’ll have to live apart

He swallowed all his pride


They had to say goodbye

Both shaken by the fact

Since only in a blink of an eye

He had all of his things packed…


He packed his clothes and all his stuff

She watched him, hiding from behind…

She hoped that this was all a bluff

Yet this was truth, hurtful, unkind.


He looked at her and took her hand

She looked away in hope

He told her, no matter where he’ll land

He’ll always think of her…


He told her that he won’t forget

The way she made him feel

He told her, there was no regret

And it was not his will.


They stood there as the silence spoke

The words they couldn’t say

They put their feelings on lock

And then he moved away



What do you think?

Written by Karina


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