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Building Single Page Apps and other websites with React JS is an often followed trend nowadays. This JavaScript technology is helping retailers to achieve a modern UX and interactive web and mobile solutions. Additively, various React JS development companies always stay up for some exploitation with the technology to offer the clients with the best of things.


Talking about SEO, it is an essential aspect of today’s digital world. No business can survive without web traffic, and search engines are the best sources to bring a lot. Undoubtedly, SEO is paramount for every website irrespective of the technology used for developing. Let us have a quick look at the reasons behind the SEO importance and dominance online.

-A major share of consumers (approximately 95 percentage) prefers the first pages of SERPs.

-And, around 65 percent of those consumers prefer the top 5 listings.

Well,these reasons are enough to understand the strength of SEO practices.Having to mention, some of the best practices which one can impose in React JS development are as follows:

This method in React JS proves out to be real magic for SEO enhancements.This is something that makes a developer’s life much easier in contrast with Angular.JS or something alike. Using render To String will allow them to render the entire application output to HTML string, further injecting it into the output body.

This way, the overall app will be quite searched friendly.

Pre-rendering is good for SEO and the overall performance of your application. But,it should be in a limited amount only the necessary ones. Not many search engine robots execute client-side JavaScript code that makes your React JS application non-visible on the SERPs (search engine result pages).

Undoubtedly,Google is the most prominent search engine to rely on. However, you should not ignore the other search engines, that appreciate other modes such as pre-rendering.

Lazy loading is an optimization technique for content loading of a website or web app. It enables you to load only the required section of a web page while delaying the remaining until the user asks for it. When you choose to render the application via lazy loading, and without the video carousel, the actual source stays swapped out while the user navigates through the products.

This method can also be understood as shortening the description load for the carousel rather than all of them altogether. Adding lazy loading to your React JS application makes it load faster and provide uninterrupted browsing sessions at the user end as well.


To work on search engine optimization requires a lot from the development part. A small mistake can cost you a lot in terms of sales, promotions, and growth. Therefore, one should always be keen on finding and practicing the best leading SEO techniques which can benefit the business.

In this blog post, I have elaborated on the basic concept of SEO, along with a brief overview of SEO advantages to web owners. Additively, you will also come across different tips and tricks which can help to boost a React JS powered app.



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Written by Anuj Sharma

I am an eCommerce developer and currently working for a leading web design & development company 'The Brihaspati Infotech'. Here, we are a bunch of technical people who constantly strive to develop new web apps. I always look for challenging projects in terms of creating and optimizing web properties for both startups and growing enterprises.


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