Java vs .NET Applications – Should I move to Java??

ava is a programming language and can work on any operating system.

.NET or ASP.NET is a framework and a proprietary platform offered by Microsoft and can use several languages.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but which one is right for me?

Below are some facts to consider when thinking about the future of your web-based application, along with any third party components (like a web viewer) that may be an integral part of your overall solution. Take these facts into consideration if you are planning to support your .NET solution in future.

Advantages of Java: 

  • Java provides a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that allows your application to run on any platform and operating system. 
  • Java works seamlessly with code editors, debuggers and containers, which make building and supporting your projects easier.
  • Java code is often backward compatible 
  • Wider range of IDE’s. IDE’s are basically software tools used to to build and develop software projects. Java uses many IDE’s while .NET is limited to Microsoft’s Visual Studio.
  • Development skills and resources. Your company may have large in-house development teams, or you may rely on outsourcing to reliable software development teams. In today’s market there are more Java resources available to your company than .NET.
  • Overall, it is easier to build sophisticated apps that deal with more users or handle larger amounts of data in Java.

Lastly something to consider is the internal support your company can count on when considering a Java based application or .NET. Below is a chart courtesy of You will find that there are more Java professionals than .NET professionals in today’s market:

Overall, you will need to consider all of your individual factors and make the choice that is right for you. However, regardless of the decision, the review itself is something that should be done. Lastly, when making the choice, don’t feel like you are alone in this task. Remember that your application likely has several components to it that may be third party, OEM products or embedded solutions. It’s a wise idea to reach out to these companies and have a conversation about their integrated technology that powers your application. The more you know, the better decision you will make.

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